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Young Writers run regular competitions for schools to encourage creative writing called SOS SAGAS. Pupils write stories with a maximum word count of 100 words. The prize is having your story selected to be included in a published book. Starter ideas and videos are used to inspire students. Sam Simmons entered a story for the ‘Hunted’ theme. He worked on it during offsite tuition. The first session looked at the starter materials, mind-storming ideas and writing a first draft. We used the second session to edit it to 100 words, and completed the entry form. Sam’s story was selected from over 20,000 entries to be published. A fine achievement.

The Y11s always have their final Annual Review in the Autumn term so that their EHCPs are ready for post-16 college applications. At the Annual Review, the EHCPs are updated so that they reflect the current needs of the student and the right provision is put in place going forward. As always, the student, parent / carer, and relevant professionals’ views are sought and invited to attend the meeting. The best outcomes for the student are always at the centre of this process. Due to Covid-19, the SEN casework officer will attend via Microsoft Teams.


Have you watched and listened to Homewood’s very own serial story available now on YouTube? It’s been written and narrated by the staff as we thought it would be a good way  to show that we are thinking of you, even if we can’t see you face to face! 
‘The Seagulls Have Landed’ has a number of episodes, and we hope it keeps you on the edge of your seat.  Particular thanks to students who came up with some great ideas of what happens next on some of the cliff-hanger endings and George who created an amazing soundtrack.

Here is the third episode of the story, together with a survey about what might happen next.

Episode 4

and the final episode….